Uzice Child Rights Centre (UCRC) was founded in 1998 as a non-governmental, non-profit making and non-political organization. Our mission is to improve the position of children within society. All the activities of the Centre are based on the principles stated in the Convention on the Rights of a Child, therefore promoting this Convention as a fundamental document on child rights. The Centre’s staffs are pedagogues, psychologists, teachers, professors, sociologists, physicians, lawyers and children.

UCRC is a development; rights-based organization, working on monitoring and the implementation of child and human rights. Our work is primarily engaged in creating, developing and practising public policy papers, related to human and child rights in education, social protection, non-discrimination, prevention of violence, legal matters related to child and human rights, gender equality and inclusion of the children who are representing the most vulnerable groups.

UCRC is the leading organization in the Coalition for the Monitoring of Child Rights in Serbia, which is fully engaged in monitoring and reporting to the Committee on the Rights of a Child.

Since 2014, when Serbia’s accession to EU started, UCRC have been strongly engaged in monitoring and influencing on the process of integration. Besides active monitoring, the Center has a direct influence on the process, and thus contributes to a better understanding and engagement of young people and children in the process of EU integration.

A significant part of our work is capacity building in the area of child and human rights. UCRC works extremely hard on providing training for civil organizations, as well as for public service organizations and institutions, including ministries for human and child rights policies, youth policies, gender, and rule of law and community development.  We especially work on strengthening grass-root organizations and communities in underdeveloped rural areas.


UCRC as a relevant factor in the general corpus of organizations and institutions that deal with children and young people has an active attitude to the issues and problems of children and young people and significantly contributes to their solution.


UCRC works to improve the status of the child in society in accordance with the principles and rights defined in the Convention on the Rights of the Child.

The priorities of work for the period 2017 – 2022.

  1. Education on the rights of the child and the dissemination of information about the Convention on the Rights of the Child
  2. Monitoring and reporting on children’s rights in Serbia
  3. Non-discrimination and protection of children from violence
  4. Participation of children in decision-making

Strategic Goals

Strategic Goal 1: Contribute to education on the rights of the child and information about the Convention and make sure that they are available to all children, professionals who work with children and parents.

Strategic Goal 2: Establish an effective and independent system of continuous monitoring and reporting on progress made in implementing child rights in Serbia in accordance with the international obligations of the Republic of Serbia.

Strategic Goal 3: Contribute to the elimination of all forms of discrimination and violence against children and the establishment of the essential equality of all children, especially children with disabilities and Roma children.

Strategic Goal 4: Contribute to the establishment of effective mechanisms for involving children in decision-making processes and respect the children’s attitudes on issues of their interest in accordance with the principle of participation of the Convention on the Rights of the Child and the recommendations of the Committee.

Work principles

UCRC is an organization that bases work field on the rights-based approach. The rights of the child, as part of the overall corpus of human rights, are based on clearly defined rights of Rights Holders and Duty Bearers. Consequently, in our work we clearly address our actions on children, as Rights Holders, considering them as active subjects who exercise their rights. We support and empower them to seek, defend and enjoy their human rights. Also, e require from Duty Bearers to operate with the aim of protection, insurance, assurance and respect rights. Implementation of this strategy, all programs, projects and activities of Centre are based on this:

  1. The principle of child participation – children will be able to actively participate in the planning, implementation and evaluation of all activities implemented by UCRC;
  2. The principle of inclusion – all programs and activities that will be implemented in the framework of the strategy will include children and young people from marginalized groups with other children and young people;
  3. The principle of gender equality – at every opportunity UCRC will respect the principle of gender equality in their works to the highest standards in this area. UCRC will apply special measures to ensure gender equality.


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